Kids X-Press offers a variety of workshop packages that can be customized to your student’s needs. Our programs are designed to be adaptable as either a remedial support or an enrichment program, based upon the needs of the children and/or the organization.



Children participating in these sessions will receive a workshop publication of their work. Sometime after the culminating celebration, their work is published in our formal quarterly magazine that has a reach of many thousands across the globe.


Teaching Strategies

In our efforts to better serve the needs of the most challenged and reluctant children, the workshops utilize a variety of teaching strategies and incentives that help children overcome social, learning, and physical barriers that can prevent the children from seeing themselves as serious learners and potential authors. 


Learning Goals

We encourage children of all abilities from all ethnic, social and economic backgrounds to express their opinions and feelings through their writing and artwork so that they can be better understood. It is our goal for every child to discover themselves as we help to lift their spirit, self-esteem and self-worth. With a lens focused on creativity, independent thinking and high expectations, all children have the potential to succeed and lead.


Workshop Offerings

Below is the listing of some of our workshops for children. For many years, we have served as the after-school and enrichment resource of choice in delivering quality experiences for children. We have grown and added many new and creative workshops. Workshops are available for both adults and students touch on literacy, mathematics, science as well as life skills topics such as safety, decision-making, communication skills, problem solving, etc.

Much like our student workshops, our parent workshops can be customized to meet the particular needs of your educational community or organization. Participants in these sessions will receive all pertinent materials and walk away with new information that can be applied to real life situations. Please contact us for pricing.