Custom Business Publications

KXP custom publications offer you the unique opportunity of amplifying your company’s corporate responsibility goals while providing you the ease of one stop shopping. Through the creation of a custom publication the importance of literacy and self-expression becomes a tangible take-away highlighting a unique commitment to instruction that will be shared with your constituents and targeted audiences such as stakeholders, clients and the business community. We can help you to capture the work of your young writers and artists who will author a custom publication unlike any typical magazine. A combination of kid-generated content and mission messaging will result in an educational, fun, informational and impressive testament to literacy. You can assign a Co-Editor who will work closely with the KXP team. Kids X-Press will provide:

  • A professional artist to lay out your students’ content
  • A KXP Co-Editor who works side by side your staff
  • A program manager that will shepherd your magazine from start to finish
  • Co-branding on the cover according to guidelines
  • 24 page + covers magazine with a glossy cover
  • Print run will vary depending on your needs
  • Global exposure of your digital edition on the KXP website




Click on magazine covers to view magazine.

A professionally published magazine with Kids X-Press will:

  • Validate the company’s mission
  • Increase a feeling of accomplishment amongst your employees/community
  • Promote corporate pride
  • Document your successes
  • Demonstrate alignment to your corporate responsibility goals
  • Serve as a communication tool to businesses in your community
  • Provide employees an opportunity to get involved with volunteerism projects

Your publication can include:

  • An interview with a high profile member of your team
  • Photographs of employee involvement and service
  • Company mission/vision statement
  • Demonstrated service to the community at large
  • Writing/Art from your constituents
  • Critical messaging about your company



Recognized publishing standards of ‘reader per copy” indicate that readership of a publication multiplies far beyond the number of actual printed publications. From multiple persons reading the same copy to viewing the online publication, literacy will always be at the forefront of KXP as a resource to learning.