Quarterly Magazine Publications

The cornerstone of Kids X-Press, Inc. is our quarterly magazine. Throughout the year, these magazines serve as the showplace for children to shine and provide each child with the opportunity to showcase their writing and artwork. We are honored to give children the outlet by which they can share their passion, their opinions and express themselves creatively. We encourage all children throughout the United States and beyond our borders to participate and enjoy the fulfillment of becoming a published author and artist by sending us your writing and artwork.

Have you met Piggy? Piggy is our official Spokespig and he is definitely no ordinary guinea pig. Please visit Piggy at Piggy’s Corner and discover how Piggy spends his day. I’m sure he would love to make a virtual stop and visit you when he has a moment. Piggy enjoys reading your letters and will include them on one of his virtual tours.

Our magazines are distributed for free throughout Westchester, New York City, Chicago, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Feel free to stop by your local library and pick up a copy. You can also order a magazine subscription with Kids X-Press and your quarterly magazines will be delivered right to your home.

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