Promote Your Mission Through a Child’s Work

Kids X-Press is your source for creating a custom publication that can promote your mission while demonstrating your support for literacy and leadership in children. From start to finish, our staff will provide all the support you need to document and highlight your achievements in the business or educational world. Our business and community partners have selected Kids X-Press to implement and promote their strategic initiatives time and time again. Help us transform writers and dabblers into authors and artists. Become a part of the process that builds self-esteem and self-worth in children by giving them the opportunity to have their work published.

Kids X-Press will provide:

  • A professional artist to lay out your students’ content
  • A KXP Co-Editor who works side by side your staff
  • A program manager that will shepherd your magazine from start to finish
  • Co-branding on the cover according to guidelines
  • 24 page + covers magazine with a glossy cover
  • Print run will vary depending on your needs
  • Global exposure of your digital edition on the KXP website

Recognized publishing standards of ‘reader per copy’ indicate that readership of a publication multiplies far beyond the number of actual printed publications. From multiple persons reading the same copy to viewing the online publication, literacy will always be at the forefront of KXP as a resource to learning.