Language Arts Writing
Ms. Fermin's Class, School 20
This is the speech from grade 5; with a nod to President's Day the group rewrote the
Gettsysburg Address to inspire the students of School 20.
Dear Fel ow Students,
Remember this day and forever more,
Four Score and eight years ago this school was just a large,
vacant, dirt park. Until a group of people found this place
and created this school. This school looks very proficient.
We wil not detract time from your future.
We wil endure your knowledge; we want you to grow up
as successful adults. Today we wil inspire you to fol ow
your dreams and lead the paths to be a leader, not a fol ower.
Our proposition is to inform you that there are no wrong
turns, except for smoking and drugs. That you should try to
stay away from al dangers that come across your life.
Failure is not an option. But little do we know what we can
al do. We know our weaknesses and our strengths and who
we want to help. But also keep in mind that no one is weak,
ugly, or stupid. We've al suffered but we can have a future
without the pain embedded in your hear.
Let everyone know. The pain wil grow and kil you over
a long time.
Because Everyone Has A Beautiful Heart.
Thank you
Lara, Lisa, Kayla, Angel, and Jayln