The Friend Who Changed my Life
The Friend Who Changed my Life is about the
"Los Higos"
narrator (Pam Muñoz Ryan) who was being
The fifth graders in Ms. Alve's class read Los
bul ied by a fifth grader named Theresa.
Higos, which is an excerpt from Esperanza Rising.
She gets confidence from a girl named
Los Higos means The Figs. The Story has a
Mary Lou, and decides to fight Theresa.
lot of symbols such as:
After Theresa bul ied the narrator they
The Phoenix: That symbolizes how Esperanza and
became best friends who went to the library
her family are rising again. The story is about tío
together every Tuesday.
Luis and tío Marco wanting to marry Ramona,
Based on True events
Ramona didn't want to marry either of them,
so she made a plan to escape and succeeded.
This part is written in the third person.
Current Life
Pam Muñoz Ryan was born in Bakersfield,
California. Growing up Pam often rode
her bike to the library. Pam went to col ege
and became a bilingual teacher then she
went to take care of her children. She went
back to school to get her master's degree.
The professor encouraged her to write.
So that's how she started to write books.
The Party
In Ms. Alves class students are reading
"The Party" by Pam Muñoz Ryan.
In the story, Pam Muñoz Ryan explains
how growing up was. She only had
six friends (incluiding herself) and she
wanted to be invited to Bridgette's party.
Pam only got invited to the party
because three other people couldn't go.
We are excited to read the rest of the book!