By Janeal Aviles, School 6
I want to write about becoming a pop/hip-hop
To become a singer I am going to
artist when I grow up. I want to become a singer
work a lot, practice hard and hope
and write my own lyrics. I love listening and
to be discovered on YouTube
singing along to pop and hip-hop music the most
because it can be easy when
and thats why I want to be work in this genre. I sing
you are good.
almost everywhere like in the shower, my room, car
When I am discovered I wil become
rides, and when I am watching YouTube. I get my in-
a pop star and always be myself.
spiration from watching videos on YouTube.
I wil not to be like anyone else or
the latest trend. I wil be different
Girls like Bethany Mota, Sophia Grace and Rosie
and stand out so people can
got famous from posting videos on YouTube. Sophia
notice me!I wil have a unique
Grace and Rosie are sisters from England who got
style, not matching other artists.
famous by posted videos of their talents on YouTube.
My personality is crazy fun and
The post that made them famous was their singing
sometimes I can be shy and people,
and dancing performance to Nicki Minaj's song
my fans wil like my music because
"Super Bass". Sophia Grace sings and her sister
you wil see that I am myself.
dances. Bethany Mota also got famous from
The songs I write wil be about my life
YouTube. She is a high school teen who got bul ied
experiences in High School.
a lot in school and spend most her time alone. She
began recording her thoughts, ideas and advice
about her passion for fashion on YouTube and
found that a lot of other girls like what she was
aneal the best... Jk
saying. She has over a mil ion fol owers, gets paid
mil ions for her post and has offers for her own
wesome Artist
clothing and jewelry line.
One of my favorite bands are One Direction and
their song "Story of My Life". They are a 5 boy
group that share a talent of singing and sing so
ll Star... duh
good together. I like this song because they are
talking about their life. I especial y like the name
of their group, One Direction because there is only
one way to go up.
Other artists I also like are Miley Cyrus and Nicki
Minaj. I like Miley because she has changed and
is now acting like herself. I like Nicki because she
inspires me to sing and also rap in the same song.
I like when there is singing and rapping in one song.