Students learned to identify the
main elements of il ustration
and graphic design and how
they are used in advertising.
The students then applied that
knowledge to create a design
that depicts a landmark or
attraction in Passaic County.
Student Lisa- Marie Gonzalez's
design was chosen to be one
of twelve designs used for a
calendar that is distributed
throughout Passaic County.
Students learned to comprehend the design process and materials used in toy design and identify
it as a career in the arts. Students created their own "Munny" character utilizing a blank template
and the design process discussed. They were asked to apply elements of art and principals of design
to their design. They were also able to work in the style of another artist if they chose to. Student,
Mahima Ul a, used line, the primary colors, shape and rhythm to create a Munny in the style of
Piet Mondrian. Her design won a contest at Speakeasy Art Gal ey were the public voted her design
the best in show. Her prize was a Munny DIY toy where she was able to apply her design to the
actual 3D form.