By Alyssa Rosenberg's Class, School 15 is all about
helping people help teachers,
who help teach students.
A typical day in the classroom
allows all of my students to
explore the common core
standards through hands on
materials, technology, and
literature. Students use these
donated materials to practice
and become confident in
their math skills.
Hands on materials, center activities and math manipulatives will provide my
students with fun, exciting ways for them to develop a love for math and skills to
use in real world math situations.
This amazing organizational shelf will allow my students to get math manipulatives
and materials needed independently to solve real world common core math
equations. The bins will be labeled and provide easy access to all materials.
Every donated resource helps each and every student become more successful and
perform higher on all grade level tasks. I believe a well organized and open
classroom where students are able to access the materials they need on their own
is necessary to build independence and confidence.
Each project I have posted on has made a difference for the
students of my class each year and years to come because I will be able to organize
and create exciting hands on math lessons for my class to practice real world math
practices. It will allow my students to access materials when they feel necessary
and help build their independence and self monitoring skills.