Ebola Virus - essay
According to the information packet, despite finding
By Anexis Matos, Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts
dead animals in the humid forests region, due to
the scavenging by animals and insects and rapid
In science and health there are many outbreaks.
decomposition, Lahm received and verified 397
They are mostly epidemic, but the worse epidemic
reports of dead animals. The carcasses, which were
disease ever found was Ebola. Ebola can be found
found in 35 different locations in Gabon included
in monkeys. Its exact origins are uncertain, but
chimpanzees, goril as, bush pigs and four species
Ebola's most known cases have occurred in many
of antelope. Tests on 14 of the decomposed carcasses
parts of Africa. Ebola's cases have occurred in
didn't detect anything relating to the Ebola virus,
Zaire, Sudan, Gabon, and The Republic of Congo.
but 12 sites observed Iso. saw sick or dying animals
These outbreaks have kil ed a few people, but some with symptoms consistent with the infection.
people have survived the epidemic diseases.
Although there has been no outbreaks of Ebola
However, scientists are not sure exactly how the
yet, there is stil no cure for this deadly disease.
people survived Ebola.
Why has there been no cure? Is it because science
As I previously mentioned, cases of Ebola have
isn't developed enough? From shows I have seen,
happened in many parts of Africa. In Zaire, there
science has advanced very much. With the
were three outbreaks of Ebola. The first outbreak
development of science, scientists should have been
in Zaire took place in 1976. The third outbreak
able to find a cure, but so far, there has been no
happened in 1994. In these outbreaks, many
cure.So far, Ebola has had no recent information.
people died. When Ebola spread in Zaire and
Conclusively, both human and animal populations
other locations, people were isolated to prevent
have been affected by Ebola. Outbreaks of Ebola
anymore damage to other people when Ebola
have happened in many locations such as Zaire,
spread. Therefore, Ebola spread rapidly in Zaire
Sudan, and the republic of Congo. For an unknown
and other locations in Africa such as Sudan.
reason, there is no cure for Ebola. So far, remains
According to Sal y Lahm, researchers have
a mystery to al of us.
hypothesized that Ebola outbreaks are randomly
spaced outbursts, while others researchers have
suggested that Ebola spreads like a wave surging
over the Central African landscape. "Our results
are intermediate between these two views," she
said. "There is a perceived pattern to the way the
virus spreads, but it is not simply a wave affecting
everything in its path, since apparently healthy
mammal communities thrived in close proximity
to Ebola sites." From 1994 to 2003, she col ected
reports about animal il ness and deaths from
Ebola is stil limited to
wildlife survey teams, vil agers, hunters, fishers,
parts of Africa
loggers, miners, Ebola survivors and families with
victims across Gabon and into Northwestern RoC.
A hemorrhagic rash appears over entire body