By Jani Bordes, School of Information and Technology
When it comes to creating a personal or a smal
Try imagining your website in your head in
business website one must be aptly prepared to
different ways. You do not want to make it look
start working on it.
just plain black and white. Like they say, you want
It's not a project you can just stop any moment,
to make it "POP" to others. A very important
one you have started, because your site wil
point here: you are creating a website that must
instantly become available global y, meaning it
appeal to al age groups. You don't want to limit
wil be viewable from al corners of the world.
your audience to any one particular age group.
In order to begin, you need a design layout.
Your website must cater to a variety of age-
A design layout shows you how you want your
groups, in order for it to have a wider appeal.
site content viewed by
And as we learn in our Web Design class at
others. It's your
SOIT, it must adhere to
visual. This draft
the four principles of
visual usual y
design: Contrast,
begins on a
Repetition, Alignment,
paper with boxes,
and Proximity.
buttons, menus,
When I created my
and headers etc.
first site, I had no
clue how to begin.
Once you have
I had to put together
an approximate
ideas on my own
layout, you move
and have other people
on to putting it on
look at it. I made sure
a template. There are many software available
I had people from different age groups look at
for this purpose, like Adobe Dreamweaver or
what appeals to their eye. This is just as much
iWeb. The easiest starting point is web-based
a matter of perspective, and remember! it's not
Wix. You can access this service at your perspective.
For a beginner, this free online web designing
When you are creating a website for the first
option is a great way to learn the basics. Stil ,
time, don't be afraid of taking risks with different
your website turns out great in the end. Al
tools the site offers. Take ful advantage of al
you need is a little bit of creativity through this
the options. Creating a website or creating a blog
process. This site is easy to edit and easy for
offers you intel ectual catharsis. You feel elated,
your target audience to navigate through. You
just like you feel elated at the end of a good
do want to have a unique and attractive design
workout. Once done, keep your toes crossed
though. Building a website is in part a fancy
and move on to the task of marketing your
of imagination. It's creative art.
website. Now, that takes patience and money.