True Beauty
By Rose McNeil , Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts
Beauty is everlasting,
Beauty is in our bed head.
It doesn't die
And laughing with a snort.
Or crumble with age.
It is eating shamelessly
Beauty is internal;
And dancing in the rain.
It can defy the ugliest exterior
It's singing to your favorite song,
And shine on.
Regardless of how badly you sound.
Beauty is unique
True beauty is taking things lightheartedly.
And indescribable.
It doesn't need makeup to be pretty
It is individual
Or constant flattery
And hidden.
Because being beautiful means being you­
Raw and emotional you,
True beauty doesn't fade.
Your most shameless you.
It wil never wrinkle,
It's being true to your realest you...
Or need anti-aging cream.
True beauty doesn't need recognition
For the truly beautiful know.
Beauty doesn't stop traffic,
Imperfect you.
Or cause everyone to stare.
Beauty is in each and every one of us,
Because true beauty isn't easily detected.
Whether we can see it or not.
Segregation (Serving Size: One Frown)
By Madelin Grul on, Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts
Take a dol op of innocent deaths,
And a cup of refusing to integrate schools.
Add in a pinch of African-Americans facing hardships,
And a gram of inferiority.
Mix in your wet ingredients:
Tears, blood, and sweat.
Blend it al together
And you'l create a perfect
Batter of ignorance.
NOTE: Madelin Grul on wrote a poem entitled Segregation (Serving Size: One Frown). It contains just 9 lines to create
an extended metaphor that discusses the ingredients that make the recipe for segregation to occur.
Rose McNeil constructed a poem entitled True Beauty, which moves beyond superficial appearances to focus on
internal beauty and strong character.