Mirror of Erised
By Joel Taveras, School of Information and Technology
I struggle to find my place in this world.
Stil searching for my reason to keep moving forward,
Every second is a year of pain.
I'm stuck thinking "What's my purpose?"
I see it now.
There's a curtain upon me leaving things unseen,
Everything begins to change.
The hidden truth behind my future as sad as it might seem.
I begin to see the same flash of light
I try to escape into my fantasy cal ed a dream
Which displayed images of my entire life
Where nothing matters.
Nightmares, fear, anger, and pain
I wished to stay forever asleep,
I clench my fist
But I realized sleeping for eternity
But I saw the memories of happiness
won't help me live my dream.
Heaven does exist
The curtain slowly fal s.
The curtain hits the floor and I now see what lies ahead of me
I feel it now.
It's a reflection of a happy man staring back at me
Words of Encouragement
(To the Young Brothers and Sisters)
By Demone Ocatble, School of Information and Technology
In life you win some and lose some
Going forth with high hopes that the outcome is income
Pushing yourself to better things and then some
Trying to find a way out of these slums
Surrounded by killers, crooks, and street bums
But hold your head up because you know you'll make it
Life is for the taking. Don't you think it's time you take it?
Promises made in hopes you don't break it.
I like my success shaken not stirred, so go ahead and shake it.
First it's grammar school, high school, then college
Do well in these so you can upgrade to a condo from that cottage.
Times get hard and you start to think you can barely manage
Instead of giving up, you take life by the hands and grab it.
Wake up everyday telling yourself you've gotta have it.
You get so used to success that eventually it becomes a habit.
Making big time money so you no longer have to tab it,
But school is the stepping stone.
So I'm sure by now you know what your part is.
Get your education.
Success is an art, kid
Heart, determination and a sound mind traits of an artist,
So go forth.
Why haven't you started?