Dare to Dream
Mrs. VanHouten and Mr. Marino's class, School of Government and Public Administration
The School of Government and Public Administration, in partnership
with Drinker Biddle, has planned a year long legal enrichment
program for students interested in a career in law.
The two components of the program include legal training with skills needed for a career in
legal studies which will culminate in a mock trial and a practical application of the law with
corporate client guest speakers. The following are personal accounts of some of the students
participating in the Law2Life program.
By Justina Irizarry
High School prepares students for real life. My high school gets credit for thinking outside of the box.
I am excited to talk about my experiences in my Principles of Government class, where we are learning practical
skil s to be successful lawyers. This is our first year piloting a program cal ed Law2Life.
The Law2Life program was introduced to The School of Government by the law firm of Drinker Biddle.
This is a program that al ows students to have the experience of getting to know what being a real life lawyer is
about. You learn the first important steps of learning about becoming one too.
By Teamyn'e Johnsonz
The Law2Life program is preparing me as a potential law student. This program has taught me the
skil s needed in the interview process. During one of the sessions I learned that an attorney must ask many
questions as possible. The questions should be open ended in order to get the truth and gather as much information
as you can. I real y had no idea what I wanted to do until participating in this program. I used to think that
becoming a lawyer would be a hard job, but now I realize that I can do it.
By Jason Serrano Senior
The Law2Life program has played an important role in my academics this year. It opened up my eyes to
different careers in the law field. By using various techniques of reading comprehension while reading the depositions
made me able to see the actions of the words vividly in my head to help me understand the trial. Being a prospective
col ege student, taking classes outside the normal high school curriculum has prepared me for the variety col ege
courses I can take. The upcoming mock trial also wil benefit me by adding it to my col ege resume.
Bianca Mendoza
Lawyers help their clients prove their case. Lawyers have patience to listen to people's stories and help them
without giving their opinion. Lawyers can put their own personal feelings aside to do their job properly.
The lawyers from the Law2Life program explain the courtroom proceedings in an understandable and simple
way so everyone is on the same page. The Law2Life lawyers al ow us to reflect upon the facts making it easier
to analyze various cases.
Andrew Heredia
The Law2Life Program brings opportunities to high school students to learn about judicial process and courtroom
proceedings. This program gives teenagers the opportunity to take one step forward to succeed in life.
The Law2Life program serves as an inspiration and opportunity for students to pursue their professional goals in life.