Health Science
Obesity: Choice or Disease
There is much controversy over whether or not
poor choices and have the nerve to hide behind
people choose to be obese or if obesity is a dis- the American Medical Association's classification
ease. Based on how it occurs, how it happens,
that obesity is a disease.
in short how people get fat and stay that way,
Advertising doesn't help. Television, magazines,
I believe that obesity is a choice. Obesity is the
bil boards and the internet are just some of the
condition where excess body fat accumulates to
forms of media that promotes the indulgence
the extent that it is likely to have an adverse effect of "pleasure foods." Dangling these items in
on health, leading to reduced life expectancy or front of the obese is like drugs in front of an
at very least, and a reduction in the quality of life.
addict. Some argue that obesity is a mental
Research states that obesity contributes to the
ailment; an eating disorder. This means that
fol owing real diseases: Diabetes, osteoarthritis,
there is psychological counseling available
stroke. Gout, cancers of the breast and the
for these individuals. But, many do not seek it.
esophagus, asthma, heart disease, gal stones,
There is weight loss surgery available, but this
sleep apnea and depression.
restricts the amount you can eat. If you have a true
According to my research obesity has reached
eating disorder or perhaps lack self-control, it
epidemic proportions in the United States.
won't work. That's why I say obesity is a choice.
Over two-thirds of adults are overweight or
There are gyms located in most every community,
obese, and one in three Americans are obese.
sometimes more than one. Most are not far
Obesity in children has increased with approxi-
distance from one's home or business. You can
mately 20%-25% of children being either over-
also exercise at home. At any rate physical
weight or obese.
activity is not far away. Yet some avoid it and
We even since birth have always been told that
find every excuse in the world not to do it.
we had the power to make decisions about
Unfortunately, many eventual y get to the point
are life. The life that you choose to shorten by
where physical activity is nearly impossible, or
becoming obese. The future is our pathway to
physical y risky.
pave and you are the only person that can take
No one wants to be obese but you choose
it away. I say that some people choose obesity
to fol ow in the footsteps that lead you down
by choosing to live a sedentary lifestyle and eat
that path, and in that path death is a very
poorly. These very same people make these
possible future.
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