By The Academies at John F. Kennedy High School
Pictures from a Gallery Walk. Students were divided into groups and had to do
research on how their topic was a contributing factor to the Industrial
Revolution in England.
Once the research was complete, they compiled their information and some
graphics in an exhibit. Then, all students walked through the room from exhibit
to exhibit and had to determine how each one answered that same
essential question; how is this topic a contributing factor to the Industrial Revolution.
The pictures below are the exhibits they created.
Cities grew to urban areas-
working long hours
More Jobs and factories
over crowded
People wanted to be closer
Air Pol ution
to city to have more jobs.
Water Pol ution
Life was slow before
Industrial Revolution
Products were produced
Led to growth in population-
faster in urban areas/
60% growth after the Ind.
Life in Urban cities
Poor conditions
Britain had access to harbors and rivers which al owed
the transport of goods.
Had massive territory
Canals and railroads provided cheaper transportation.
Natural Resources
Britain had coal and iron available to make power