Language Arts - Narrative
If I lived in a Snow Globe
From School 18
By Merlin Castil o
One day I was in my grandma's house, I was so bored.
Then grandma told me she had a secret room. I got to
go inside the room. I touched the snow globe and
then there was a light. It was red, turning on and off.
I closed my eyes and suddenly I was in the snow globe!
I was as cold as a snowman. There was a big house,
it had lights everywhere and it was red and blue.
There was snow and people playing with snowbal s.
It was going to be Christmas in 10 more days. I could
see outside the snow globe. Someone came to me and
asked, "Have I seen you around before?" I said, "no."
"Wel my name is Jason; do you want to play with me?"
I answered, "Yeah." We went up the hil and slid down
with our snowboards.
Me and Jason went ice skating; there were a few people.
I said this is good because we had al the room to play.
Jason did a cool skating move. I did it and fel and
got up again.
By Kimberli Contini
I tried it again. It was time to go home. Jason told
me how to get back home. I had to go through this
magic door.
I would never forget that moment.
Brr, Brr!
It's cold here!