Paterson Community
Young Donors, Fun Helpers, New Friends
By Jasmine Guzman, Jyckel Perez and Kayley Perez, School 15
Hel o, we are the Young Donors.
Before becoming the "Young Donors", we were just simple fifth grade students in Paterson,
New Jersey. We decided to begin this program after reading the article from the Time for
Kids Magazine about FROGs. Friends Reaching Our Goals is a hunger program that helps
out the homeless and hungry.
Our goal is to help out starving individuals by participating in fun activities such as playing
sports where we raise money to donate food. This program has three founders, Kayley
Perez, Jyckel Perez, and Jasmine Guzman. Although we are only 11 years old, we want
to make a difference! The three of us would like to see other 11 year olds succeed as wel .
By joining this volunteer group, you wil increase your chances of getting accepted into
col ege and becoming a better person by giving back to the community.
Wel , that's al we have to say to get to know us...
We hope you can join us and get working on helping out!!
Thank you for helping us out.
These girls
are making
the difference!!