Get a Load of Our Clothes
From St. Mary's Early Learning Center
"Concluding our clothing study, Prek-4 Team D joined
together to create a meaningful experience to promote
multicultural awareness and self-esteem."
Clothing is one of the greatest ways to show off creativity,
Yasmeen is
individuality, and multicultural differences. Our clothing
wearing a thobe
study did just that by focusing on teaching the students
the primary functions of clothing as they connect to
everyday life. In literacy, the children were able to gain
greater understanding of clothing from sequencing and
Mehjabin is
retelling their favorite stories such as Corduroy and Little
Red Riding Hood. The students were also able to make
an anarkAli
math connections differentiating size and measurements
in stories like Goldilocks and The Three Bears.
In addition, the students were provided with multicultural
education grounded by each child's unique attributes and
Suhom is wearing
backgrounds. Upon completing the study, collaboration
a benjabi
with families and the school community, helped students
identify and showcase clothing worn in their home cultures.
Children learned about diversity through music, clothing,
and celebrations. The children were given the opportunity
to showcase and represent clothes from their own culture
to their peers, their families, and the school community.
Ava is wearing
What better way to go out in style than having a multicultural
a Dominican
fashion show?
cultural dress
Concluding our clothing study, Prek-4 Team joined together
to create a meaningful experience to promote multicultural
brenda is wearing
awareness and self-esteem.
a poncho (mexico)