From School 28
My Family
He is a good baby. He smiles at me and my
By Aaliyah Brevard
mom.We love him so so much and he loves the
This story is about my family. I am happy about my
whole family. He is a good, good baby.
family because they did everything for me.
He likes milk and baby applesauce. He likes to
I love al my family so much and they love me like
play with me. He likes to sleep in his crib.
a heart. I know they love me so much that they hug
He is so, so cute. He likes to cuddle on the floor.
me so tight that I pop like a bal oon.
He is a nice baby, we like to play with him, and
My mom and dad love me so much that I love them we love him.
to infinity. The whole family went out to dinner
together - even me and my two brothers. The older
I am pr0ud 0f my family
one is named Aiden Rogers and my little brother
By Jadavid Morel
is named JoHan David Rogers.
I am proud of my family because we are close and
Taking care of them is real y tiring. I was very tired
live close. In my family are my mom, my daddy,
when I was done watching them. Mostly it's hard
my sister and brother, cousins, grandpa and uncle.
watching the little, little one. And hey, did I tel you
I am the middle child. My grandpa loves me.
about my little step sister? She is a little crazy.
I watch cartoons with my grandpa. My daddy
I am proud of my family!!
loves me. My mom loves me too. When there is a
party, they al come and it is ful of people.
My Baby Br0ther
By Caileigh Thompson,
I am so proud of my mom because she gave me
a baby brother. I love my baby brother, and my
This is my family
mom because she loves me.
and I love them!!
I love my auntie because she helps my mom with
two children. My whole family loves me so,
so much. My baby brother's name is Caleb.