Me+You= Better Environment
Recycling Can Help the World in Several Ways
By JiAli Scott, School 13
Recycling is great and it can help the world. It can
keep places clean, fresh, and smel better.
Most people litter and it is not good for our world.
Sometimes garbage trucks recycle around New Jersey.
There is a great amount of things to recycle. Can I tel
you what to recycle? Glass, paper, metal, plastic,
textiles and electronics.
Recycling is a process to change waste materials into
new products to prevent waste of useful materials.
Recycling has been a common practice for most of
human history. Recycling...hmmm...
What do you think of when you hear that? I think of
picking up trash. Wel that is what I know about
recycling. It's great, isn't it?
By Adriana Moya, New Roberto Clemente
Dif erent Kinds of Plants
By Jesus Fuentes, School 13
The environment is so important! Do you know
how to keep your environment healthy? Wel ,
Let me tel you information about plants.
the environment is important because it's
Plants carry bacteria, but the bacteria that plants
where we live. We always need to keep our
carry is not dangerous. Plants that don't have
environment healthy. If you want to know how,
roots are cal ed nonvascular and the plants that
you can just ask me.
have roots are cal ed vascular plants.
I may not know a lot, but I know some. I know
The great things about plants is that they keep
that to keep your environment healthy you can
the environment nice and clean.
start recycling.
Also, bees keep nectar to make honey and then
For instance, my friend Zeni recycles old clothing
people can eat it.
and creates bows.
It might sound difficult, but she real y pul s it off.
Plants have different kinds of features. Plants have
You don't need to clean the whole world; you can
cel s and the cel s have a membrane. Plants can
start with your neighborhood. Take that chance.
protect themselves by growing thorns, like roses.
If you see a plastic bottle, recycle it. If you see
Plants can make their own food. Plants are
paper, recycle it. It's good for your health.
wonderful things to keep and are nice to put
Embrace these chal enges as opportunities and
out for decoration in a vase.
you wil see how fast your life wil change too.