Queen Nzinga
When: Alfonso I ruled from 1506-1545.
By Kravon Dawkins
Alfonso I ruled in the West African area
Queen Nzinga was a
cal ed the Kongo.
17th century battle warrior
Alfonso left the Portuguese trade in the Kongo
queen. She was sister of King
and brought Christianity to the area. He rejected
Ngola Mbande. Her birth
plans to westernize the Kongo. He al owed slavery
name was Nzinga Mbande.
in his territory, but only wanted war captives to be
She was born in 1583 and
sold as slaves. He tried very hard to regulate slavery.
died in 1653. When she
He also tried to spread Christianity and provide a
converted to Christianity, she
safe place to those who converted to his religion. To keep
changed her name to Donna Anna de Souza. She
peace, he tried very hard to trade with the greedy
was never captured or defeated by the Portuguese.
Portuguese people. Eventual y, they wanted more
Queen Nzinga ruled in Angola. Angola
than he was wil ing to give them and they kil ed him.
was in Africa, south of the Kongo.
Alfonso tried to stop the Portuguese from
Nzinga became queen in 1626.
spreading deeper into the Kongo.
Queen Nzinga fought the Portuguese. She also
They thought that there were riches and minerals in
became partners with the Dutch to stop the Portuguese
the area and they felt entitled to them. Alfonso traded
from moving to her area. She was a great war planner
with the Portuguese but he wanted the trading to
and her gueril a warfare was used long after she died
be limited.
to keep the Portuguese out of her territory. She was
a strong believer in Christianity and convinced her
Queen Amina
By Ariana Iris Acevedo
fol owers to convert to Christianity as wel .
Queen Nzinga believed in equality. She was
Today, I would like to tel
determined not to let the Portuguese come into her
you about a great queen
area and bring slavery with them. They were being
of Africa. Queen Amina
pushed out of the Kongo and they wanted to expand
of Zazzau.
slavery into Angola. She wanted equality for her
Amina was a strong queen
people and she fought as hard as she could to keep
who loved her people,
them away.
and total y cared for her
King Alfonso I
kingdom forever. Queen
Amina (who was also known as Queen Aminatu), was
By Kravon Dawkins
born around 1533 in Zazzau also known as Nigeria.
Alfonso I was born in
As a toddler, Amina was already attending state
1460 and died In 1545.
business on her grandfather, the king's lap. At the
He was the son of Nzingu
age of 16, Amina was seen as a possible candidate
Kuwu (JoBo 1). When he
to her mother's throne (Magajiya), the queen Bakwa
was born his parents named
of Turunku. Amina started to learn the responsibilities
him Mvembo Nzingo.
of a queen from her mother taking part in daily
He became on African King.
assemblies with high celebrities of the kingdom.
He was the first king of
Even though her mother's reign had been one of
Kongo in West Africa to be recognized by the
peace and wealth, Amina chose to learn military skil s
Europeans. He became king when his father died.
from the warriors. Queen Bakwa (Amina's mother)
He won the throne by beating his brother in battle.
died around 1566, and the Zazzau kingdom was
He helped to spread Christianity in the Kongo.
governed by her youngest brother Karama.