From School 21
By Darismar Santos
Don't you just love that saltiness and crunchiness you taste
At the same time that you are drinking, it is kil ing you
and feel in your mouth when you bite into that chicken nugget?
slowly. Either you believe it or not, you're drinking an
Doesn't it just light up your day? Even though chicken
acid cal ed carbon dioxide gas that can give your teeth a
nuggets are my favorite McDonald's meal, what's real y in
horrible decay. The worst part is that females who drink
them? What's hiding?
Coca-Cola have a risk of not having a baby earlier in
Imagine finding bones and muscles in your chicken nugget.
life ( If you drink it every day you have
Eww! You would scream, wouldn't you? Many of the meats
a chance of getting diabetes, becoming obese and have
that are used go through many mechanical separations to
kidney issues. This is the reason why I stopped drinking
form the nuggets. (
soda and moved on to drinking purified water.
Dr. Owen did research and discovered that one chicken
It's not just carbon dioxide gas that harms you internal y, but it
nugget had half a muscle, vessels and even a bone. Stay
also has high fructose corn syrup, salt, and a load of sugar.
with me, there's more!
To make the soda bubble it has citric acid which is not good
That smal random shaped piece of chicken is hiding many
because it is a harmful type of chemical gas. This is also
secrets. What percent of the whole nugget is actual y meat?
found in different types of soda brands such as "Pepsi,"
Christopher Ochner, Ph. D on (, stated
and "A&W Root-Beer."
that on the website states that they are
I like the way it's caramelized dark color looks like in the
"Made of, not made with." Therefore, what's real y in it?
soda but it also has 4-Methylimidazole!" It is like if I can't
Christopher Ochner, Ph. D discovered that the chemicals
even drink another sip of soda because that is also a
that chicken nuggets are made of include (MSG) monosodium
chemical that can harm you, 4-Mel can lead to cancer
glutamate, which al ows McDonald's to make the il usion
development in your body. It gives soda that caramelized
that you're getting protein but you real y aren't. That's
beautiful brownish texture (Dailycal
Are McDonald's chicken nuggets being compared to the
In the end you should be aware of what you're going to
thing that I hate smel ing while I feed my dog! You've
take a sip of. Therefore, even before you "SHISK-POP!"
probably guessed, yes, its dog food. Dr. Richard DeShazo
open a can of soda and chug, you should read its
and Maria Goday on (, states that nearly 50
nutritional facts on the can, you never know if it's going to
percent of the chicken nugget is actual y chicken but
affect your health or even your life.
they discovered fat, nerves, and ground bone in chicken
nuggets. If you think about it, you and your dog are eating
the same type of food.
By Justice Pettway
In conclusion, many people after reading this don't want
McDonald's is one of the best fast food restaurants.
anything to do with chicken nuggets. What do you think?
I sometimes wonder what kind of stuff is in their food.
Would you be able to say no? I know I would.
Do you real y know what kind of ingredients McDonald's
uses in their food?
To begin, are you interested in knowing about the beef
By Jasmin Rodriguez
you eat at McDonald's, because I am.? McDonald's beef
Did you know that Coca-Cola can not only be addicting but
is100% grounded, which is made into burgers. Also, did
also can lead to health problems as wel ? Sharing a Coke
you know the beef is always pre-made and frozen before
with a friend and consuming its sugary sweetness makes
they're cooked which is a good thing? Last, since I always
me want to drink it every day, but what is real y beyond
wondered if their beef was fake, it isn't fake at al .
that bubbly drink?