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Dear Paterson Public Schools Students,
It has been such a delight to see al your amazing work published in the
winter issue. As we close the 2014-2015 school year with our current spring
issue, keep in mind, we'l be looking forward to receiving your submissions for
our next issue of al your fun activities you do over the summer. So feel free
to submit articles, puzzles, drawings, stories, poems, songs, games or anything
you worked on over the summer.
We hope you enjoy this edition of "The Voice of Paterson" and we wish you
al a SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY summer!
Kimeko Austin-Jones
If you have questions and/or comments, write to:
Kids X-Press, Inc., PO Box 374, White Plains, NY 10603 or email
Please be sure to include your permission slip.
Thanks for writing!