From Eastside High School - CAHTS
Eastside High School's CAHTS Grade 9 English I classes produced
poems on the topic of poverty, while learning about informational
and explanatory texts. After annotating and discussing an article
entitled "APA (Academic Pediatric Association) Task Force on Childhood
Poverty - A Strategic Roadmap," and thoroughly analyzing the vignette,
"Salvador, Late or Early," by Sandra Cisneros, students compared
the different styles of text.
When asked to consider the two writing styles (the statistical informative piece on poverty and
Cisneros' descriptive piece using imagery) while creating a poem about the theme, the results were
both inspirational and astounding! Below are just a few of the many creative pieces that promote
awareness about poverty in the United States and throughout the world.
End Poverty, End it Now!
By Quatasia Edwards
Walking home from school watching as poverty was happening before me.
I can't help but watch and feel sadness for these people.
Watching as kids that are old enough to be my brothers and sisters, grown
women, sel ing themselves just to get by.
I probably wouldn't know how it feels to be in their shoes, but I don't have to be.
I can see it in their eyes; by looking at them I can see that poverty is kil ing them,
hurting their hearts and souls.
Poverty doesn't understand what it's putting his or her people through.
As I'm tel ing you this now, there are women, men, and children suffering right now.
Just imagine what they are going through. Watching us eat every day,
having shelter, and clothes and their backs, wishing and hoping they had the same.
People may think that these people should have the same as us,
instead of going through. Children die every 4 hours because of poverty.
Poverty should be ashamed, disappointed for putting people in this situation.
Poverty can and wil stop...
The Way of Life
By Nayeli Rudesindo
Why do we have poverty?
22,000 people die each day because of poverty.
What is the point to live if they are poor?
People who are poor don't have a house to be safe.
Poverty gives no hope,
It doesn't give you an education.
It gives you horrible consequences.
A history of hurt.
The poor have the floor,
Wealthy have a bed.
The poor are always suffering.
Wealthy doesn't suffer like they do.
The poor continue to die each day.
Isn't that enough said?