By Jessie Cheramy, Eastside High School - SOIT
As the Reformation was in its climax, the Pope grew
concerned for his people. While the Reformation was
occurring there was a development of different types
of Christians. In order to get his people together,
the Pope decided that his people should reclaim
Jerusalem. During that time, Jerusalem also known
as the holy land was occupied by Muslims. Although
the Pope al ured his men by wanting to assemble the
different types of Christians, instead it turned out to
be a desire for political and economic gain.
First, Pope Urban I made a speech trying to recruit his
members by claiming to take Jerusalem back from the
During the Crusades, the Christians would slaughter
Muslims. However, the speech that Pope Urban made
their enemies and steal their possessions. As the
ended up turning into a deal between him and his men.
Christians would steal the items from the Jewish
Pope Urban I states, "Al who die by the way, whether
people, they divided goods among themselves. Thus,
by land or by sea, or in battle against the pagans,
making them richer each time they attacked their
shal have immediate remission (forgiveness)..."
enemies. Document 8 supports this claim by stating,
(Document1). The war was supposed to be about
"...They rose in a spirit of cruelty against the Jewish
reassembling the Christians but, the Pope was
people and slaughtered them without mercy; they
recruiting members for a militia . In other words,
destroyed the houses and synagogues of the Jews
the men who served would receive forgiveness. Those
and divided among themselves a very large amount
who committed sins would immediately join because
of money". The Christians were becoming richer
they wanted to go to heaven.
because they stole many of the Jews' precious items.
In addition, there was a huge economic change that
The Crusades were obviously about gaining political
occurred after the Crusades started. The Crusaders
and economic stability. As the Christians failed to
went from being broke to being rich in an instant.
reclaim Jerusalem, they realized that they did not
They started to possess rugs and jewelry that they
want to give up their increasing revenue by attacking
never had before. According to Document 4 it states,
their enemies. According to Document 3 it states, "...
"Those who had few coins, here possess countless
both Christians and Muslims committed appal ing
besants an ornament)..." In other words, the Crusaders
atrocities in the name of religion. In Europe, Crusaders
started to take possession of things they never had
sometimes turned their fury against Jews, massacring
before. In relation to this, Document 7 states, "We
entire communities". In other words, they did not
have already forgotten the places of our birth...Some
want to give up the things that were claimed from
already possess homes and servants, received through
the Jews. They wanted to make more of a profit.
inheritance. Some have taken wives not merely of
Therefore, in conclusion, evidence shows that the
their own people...". These Europeans took things
crusades started off as a religious devotion, but
that did not belong to them. They created a life that
ended as a failure by Pope Urban II giving people
they didn't have. Thus, making the Crusades a huge
a deal which turned this religious devotion into a
economic gain for the Europeans.
political and economic fight for gain.