Social Studies
From Eastside High School -SOIT
Students at Eastside H.S. were asked to evaluate and compare modern and Atlantic slavery. Critical discussions
evolved into this writing which allowed students to express their opinions.
By Tiffany Bal
By Ka'Jeir Thomas
Slavery has been part of human society for as long as
Slavery has been a part
societies have been around. We learned of two different
of human society for as long
types of slavery, the Atlantic trade and a more modern
as societies have been around.
form. Southern colonies turned to African slaves to make
We learned of two types of
more money. More slaves meant more business. Today
slavery, the Atlantic slave trade and a modern day form.
young girls are being sold around the world.
Both types of slavery have similarities and differences.
The Atlantic trade was a trade that took place across the
In the fol owing paragraphs I wil explain them and my
Atlantic Ocean, also known as the triangular trade. It lasted
point of view.
from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Slaves were transferred
First of al , a long time ago, old slavery became a big
to the New World on the triangular trade route known as
discussion and we are stil dealing with it today. African
the middle passage. Life on the middle passage was
slaves were abused and were forced to work. Africans
horrid. They packed as many slaves as they could onto
were treated like animals. It must have been tough to
a boat. One on top, one in the middle and one on the
survive. Slaves were get ing taken away from families and
floor is how they were stacked. Many got sick, and
sold to their new owners who they could never disobey.
were beaten if they didn't do what was commanded.
Today many people like me, recognize that slavery is
The modern slave trade is the sale of women's bodies
stil a part of our human society. For example, women
for money. Slavery did not end in the 19th century, it
around the world are forced to sleep with different guys
stil exists today. Women are being sold for sex to men.
and after that the money goes to the "pimp". Human
Men pay the money to the man or woman that enslaved
trafficking is definitely a modern form of slavery and
the women. I believe, this isn't prostitution, its rape. In
it should be put to an end also.
some cases, prostitution is a woman's choice and she
Modern slavery and the Atlantic slave trade both have
makes money. Modern slavery is forcing young girls to
their differences and similarities. Wel , honestly I believe
have sex with men for a couple hundred dol ars. It makes
they share more similarities. First, modern slavery and
me sick to think that men put prices on the bodies of girls
Atlantic slavery both have something to do with money
my age. Most are immigrants because they won't be
and greed. Today we are facing human trafficking with
able to do anything. This issue is creating more and more
individuals being the bosses and owners of women,
feminist groups.
demanding them to sleep with guys for money. In the
They are the same because people are being sold relentlessly
Atlantic trade it wasn't pimps, but masters. In both
and the people who are being sold have no say in it. It's
situations you cannot disobey either. The difference is
different because the 17th century slave trade was about
that sex trafficking can be any race, Caucasian, Latina,
race. This modern slavery is about gender. I believe that
and even African American. In the Atlantic slaves were
humans have this institution because they crave money.
only African and the masters were Caucasian. It was
With money, you can buy anything and that's exactly
based on race while today it is mostly based on gender.
what they want.
After al the time that has passed through history I think
So, the triangular trade was a trade of slaves based on
the reason human slavery stil lingers to this day is
race. Modern slavery is gender based and is part of
because people in our society are only hooked on
human trafficking. Humans have an itch for money and wil
money, drugs and cars. Many people in the world are
do anything for it. That's why modern slavery is possible.
motivated by greed.