So they started their journey to the castle the next
Queen Estefania to come. Arriving moments later
day. The sun was out and so were the people
was Prince Evan. He was lovestruck by the way
across the lake. Everyone greeted Evan but said
she was dressed. He kissed her cheek and left to
nothing to Esabel a. When they reached the
get ready.
castle, Evan was so excited for his family to meet
Then, Queen Estefania walked in and handed
Esabel a. But as they approached one of the
Esabel a a tiny bottle with a green liquid inside.
dining rooms, everyone stopped what they were
Without caution or questions, Esabel a drank it.
doing and stared at Esabel a and Evan. Then
Her face began to glow and change. She then let
Queen Estefania arose from her chair walking
out a tiny scream and covered her face. When it
towards Evan.
stopped hurting, she removed her hands and she
"Son, you had us worried to death!" exclaimed
was the most beautiful girl in the land. Esabel a
Queen Estefania.
cried and hugged the Queen.
"Everything is fine mom, I'm okay. I want you al
Hours passed and it was now time for the bal to
to meet Esabel a," Evan said eagerly.
begin. Esabel a and Evan made a grand entrance
that made everyone turn and stare. Evan and
Queen Estefania hugged and kissed her. But
Esabel a danced and laughed the entire night.
the King and Princess had nothing but negative
Esabel a let time slip away but was reminded by
remarks to say. Esabel a was embarrassed and
the clock's ding. She ran to the balcony with Evan
ran out the door into the hal in tears. Evan was
and without hesitation they kissed until the clock
going to run after her but Queen Estefania said
struck 12. Ful of hope, Esabel a pul ed away and
she would handle it.
looked in Evan's eyes. She could see her reflection.
As she walked to Esabel a she said, "Listen, no
She had turned back into her original self, and
one is perfect and you must not let what other
was so hurt she fel to the ground in shrieking
people say get to you," wiping away Esabel a's
cries. But it wasn't that Evan didn't love her.
tears. "However, I do have a temporary solution
"Esabel a, I'm in love with you but I wasn't in love
to your problems."
with the Esabel a that was at the bal . I'm in love
As hurt as Esabel a was, she agreed to accept
with the beautiful girl sitting in front of me,"
the queen's help. Queen Estefania said she was
pleaded Evan kissing her once again and crying.
vaguely familiar with black magic, so they made
"I fel in love with you. We laughed. You painted
a deal. Queen Estefania would turn Esabel a into
with me. You're the one that helped me in in my
a beautiful witch and throw a bal in celebration
worst moments and I don't care what anyone
of Prince Evan's return. The catch was that she
says! You are the one I wil marry."
and Evan must kiss at midnight or she would
either stay as so or stay beautiful.
Esabel a cried even more then hugged and kissed
Esabel a was excited as she got ready for the
Evan and never let go. Together they lived happily
bal . She found a beautiful blue dress and did
ever after, accepting one another as they were
her hair. Then she sat patiently waiting for
despite what others said.