This means Jane is developing feelings for
Track Eight: Adele Skyfall.
Rochester, which was evident with the mentioning Due to the dramatic, mysterious, and smooth
of the butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She
vibe, this song radiates musical y the tone
anticipates the sight of Mr. Rochester and
of the novel. This song is powerful, and it fil s
cannot wait to hear his voice once more.
in the big shoes of the characters. Jane is
Track Five: Ed Sheeran Tenerife Sea. This slow an independent character and takes pride in
song represents the relationship between Jane
it once she discovers who she is. "Skyfal "
Eyre and Edward Rochester.
embodies Jane's independent personality,
It is ful of wonder and admiration. This song
which is why this song is perfect for the novel.
talks about being in love, and ignoring the
Track Nine: Hozier Take Me to Church.
world around you. Ed Sheeran captures Jane
This song's overal mood is soft yet powerful,
and Rochester's relationship in a way that
which goes wel with the novel. Although it
seems perfect.
talks about being completely immersed in
Track Six: Green Day The Forgotten.
someone else, its mood says otherwise.
When reading about Jane and Rochester, the
Regardless of the words being said, this song
author makes their relationship seem as if
emits an independent feeling. It ties up Jane's
time is held stil and that is exactly what this
journey pretty wel . Hozier's "Take Me to
song is demonstrating. It gives off the vibe
Church" compliments a leader like Jane
of eternal love, becoming completely oblivious Eyre without dampening her liberated spirit.
to anything and anyone outside of the
Track Ten: Yiruma River Flows in You.
Because this song is so gentle and blissful,
Track Seven: Paramore Last Hope.
it captures the mood of Chapter 38. Rochester's
According to track number seven, "It's just
vision came back just in time for him to witness
a spark, but it's enough to keep me going."
his child's birth. This song creates a feeling of
This shows a glimmer of hope. In Chapter 23,
pure bliss and ut er peace, melodical y showing
Jane expresses her love to Rochester which
the feelings Rochester must have felt. As stated
leads him to asking Jane for her hand in
on page 421, "When his first-born was put
marriage. This chapter symbolizes hope, and
into his arms, he could see that the boy
that is exactly what this song is portraying. As
had inherited his own eyes, as they once were
stated on page 241, "He kissed me repeatedly... large, bril iant, and black. On that occasion,
Joy soon effaced every other feeling..."
he again, with ful heart, acknowledged that
This demonstrates al the joy and complete
God had tempered judgment with mercy."
happiness Jane feels. Al the doubts she had
This shows the genuine feeling of happiness
earlier are now gone and replaced with pure
and gratefulness that Edward Rochester holds.
He appreciates his vision and is glad to be
able to see his first-born son.