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Maribel Cruz-Brown - Manager of Business Power Allocations & Compliance @ NYPA
By Victor Godinez
Maribel Cruz-Brown works
for the New York Power
Authority (NYPA) organization
as the Manager of Business
Power Al ocations &
Compliance. She talked
about many things like
what an engineer is,
famous inventors, the
different types of
engineers and she
Victor Godinez
also talked about
Maribel Cruz-Brown
herself and how she took a position as an engineer
Also, Ralph H.Boer was an electrical engineer
with NYPA. She also tried to encourage other
that was known as the "father of video games."
people to become an engineer.
Without these engineers we would not have
Ms. Cruz-Brown explained to us that "engineers
these cool things to enjoy.
are people that design and build products, along
Ms. Cruz-Brown talked a bit about herself. For
with machines." She further states that "engineers
example, she said she went to col ege, high
want to know how and why things work, and
school, middle school, and even elementary
that engineers invent lots of things." Through her
school in the Bronx. Also, that when she was
I learned that there are many different types of
in her elementary years she didn't real y have
engineers such as civil, mechanical and biomedical,
much interest in Math and Science, but as she
just to name a few.
became older her interest grew in engineering.
Another thing she talked about was famous
In addition, she said her favorite subjects in
engineers. I learned that Lonnie Johnson is the
high school were math and science and that
inventor of the famous super-soakers. He is a
she liked working in teams. That is what
mechanical and nuclear engineer.
Maribel Cruz-Brown talked about.
Lonnie Johnson - He is the creator of the super-soakers
Ralph H. Boer - He is the father of video games