By Katherine NaJera
We can turn off lights, computers, and
electronics when not in use. We can set
electronics to use energy saver features
and replace incandescent light.
By Gleanson Gamboa
You could tell others to recycle paper and
By Franklin Fortuna
You could also use both side of the paper
By Judith Rueda
when making copies. It's your home
protect it.
You can raise awareness by shutting down
electronics when you don't need it.
By Paola Dejesus
By Luz Maria Curiel
Give a teacher a ticket when they leave
To save energy we should not waste a lot
the lights or smart board computer on
of water.
when it is not in use.
Atmosphere- The gaseous envelope
Terrarium- A miniature ecosystem specifical y
surrounding the earth.
used for land animals.
Deforestation- Natural forests are burned or
Water Conservation- The preservation and
chopped down putting the earth's biodiversity careful management of water.
at risk.
Green House- A glass building in which
Energy Sources- Oil, coal, water and the
plants are grown that needs protection from
sun, which can be used to provide power.
cold weather.
Environmental Awareness- Teaching the
Global Warming- A gradual increase in the
world that our environment is fragile and
overal temperature of the earth's atmosphere.
indispensable and we must save it.
Solar Energy- Energy drawn from the sun
in the form of solar radiation.,,
Sustainability- The endurance of systems,
and processes.