We are not living sustainably. For example, some
factories are creating pollution. Their smoke stacks let
out bad gases giving us bad air. To me, sustainability
means to stop creating pollution for a better life.
By Nestor Rivas
No, we are not living sustainably. For example, each
year we are destroying millions of trees. Also, humans
are destroying the earth by driving cars, which produces
air pollution, and using too much water, coal, and
minerals. We are using and wasting too much energy!
By Brayan Giron
Sustainability means a lot of things. For example, it
means how we humans affect the Earth in both a good
and a bad way. One way we are hurting the planet is
by using a lot of coal and oil. This is causing global
warming. One way to help is by using solar panels.
By Iverson Gonzalez
We can help the Earth by recycling everyday and
not littering. We can use less water when we take
a shower and brush our teeth. We can also help by
cleaning up after ourselves.
By Marelin Cervantes
Together we can make the
Earth a better place.
By Jose Salazar