Solar Energy
Solar Energy
By Yolanssie Cardona
Energy comes from the sun. Energy from
the sun is cal ed solar energy.
The sun is an important resource, as it
helps sustain life. A solar panel is a
group of solar cel s connected to form
a large flat surface. Without the sun
Solar Energy
our planet wouldn't have life.
By Ariana Garcia
Energy comes in many forms. Heat, light
Energy comes from the sun. Energy from
and sound are three types of energy.
the sun is cal ed solar energy. A campfire
The sun is the major source of al heat of
is an example of another way that
al living things. Heat from the sun warms
people use energy. People burn coal to
up water, land and air. Fire is also solar
make light and heat. Energy can move
things, lift things, and warm things,
light things or change things.
Through the use of technology, we are able
We use energy to pedal a bicycle.
to harness the energy from the sun and
We use energy to cook, and we also use
convert it to electricity.
energy to run televisions and computers.
Energy comes in many many forms.
Heat, light and sounds are three types
of energy. Light travels in waves. It is
very fast. In fact, nothing is faster than
the speed of light. Light waves travel in
a straight line. When light hits an object,
some of the light can be reflected.