By BASF Jr. Reporter Alexander McAl ister, Canada
Test your knowledge about food and chemistry. Try the quiz and then ask family members to take it too!
What ingredient is found in both
Which food is high in Iron and Zinc?
baking powder and baking soda?
a) cornstarch
a) Jujubes
b) soda
b) cocoa powder and chocolate
c) sodium bicarbonate
c) chips
d) magic
d) pop
Iron, Calcium, and Potassium
What vitamin is found in oranges?
are elements that are called
a) vitamin AK
a) minerals
b) vitamin D
b) vitamins
c) vitamin KB
c) proteins
d) vitamin C
d) legumes
There are ______ tomato
Sea Salt has what component?
varieties being grown.
a) iodine
a) 75
b) chloride
b) 750
c) cornstarch
c) 7,500
d) bicarbonate
d) 75,000
What vitamin added to milk is
What makes pop fizzy?
known as the sunshine vitamin?
a) soda
a) B
b) sugar
b) P
c) carbon dioxide
c) F
d) juice
d) D
If you are an athlete eat ________
Water can be found in what foods?
because they give you energy.
a) milk
a) bananas
b) vegetables
b) cupcakes
c) fruits
c) milkshakes
d) all of the above
d) cheesecake
9-10 Answers correct
5-6 Answers correct
1-2 Answers correct
Fantastic, you really know
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7-8 Answers correct
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