By BASF Jr. Chef Aarov Malhorta, Chapel Hil , NC
What is "Gobhi Paratha"?
Paratha is an Indian flat-bread and can be made
stuffed with different vegetables in this recipe we
stuff it with cauliflower or gobhi.
2 cups whole wheat flour
cup water
tsp salt
Add the salt to the flour and add water little by
little to make into soft dough. Set it aside while you
prepare the fil ing.
Mix the fol owing together:
Grated cauliflower head 1 cup
Chopped cilantro 1 tbsp
Red chili powder tsp
Coriander powder 1 tsp
Grated ginger tsp
Green chilies chopped finely to taste
Salt to taste
Make a dough bal and rol into about a 3" disk.
Use dry flour for dusting. Place three tbsp of fil ing
in the center and pul the edges of the dough around
the fil ing. Use dry flour for dusting again and rol
into an 8" disk.
Transfer the paratha onto a heated skil et and cook
Gobhi (cauliflower) Paratha
slightly on one side and then turn and let it cook
Why this is my favorite recipe:
some more. Apply a tsp oil to one side and then
You get to make bal s out of gooey dough.
repeat on the other side. Cook until golden brown.
It's fun rol ing the dough FLAT!! The cool part is when
it puffs up like an inflatable bal !
At the end I love eating the yummy paratha with butter.