BASF's license to operate its plants depends on the
company's ability to understand potential risks,
Kyle Fenske participated
minimize and manage them. We accomplish this
in the 2014 BASF
through regular risk assessments at our sites and
Science Academy.
workforce training to ensure that everyone knows
how to work safely. Every meeting at BASF starts with
Therefore, BASF is responsible for maintaining
a safety reminder, al owing employees to remember
constant dialogue with the local community, including
that safety is key. We encourage employees to
fire departments and emergency responders.
kindly help other employees if they observe risky
BASF maintains transparency through a proactive
behavior. The entire chemical industry works to
approach. If an issue arises at a BASF plant, the
help minimize risk because the industry realizes that
company provides the information needed to
one action can affect al other companies as wel .
manage it and to maintain our relationship with
How do you ensure new BASF products
the public. Chemistry enables daily life and BASF
are safe for their intended use?
has a responsibility to educate the community
In order to ensure that new BASF products are safe,
about how chemistry makes that possible.
we must understand the product and continuously
What do you feel is the biggest
test it. Toxicology and other tests are run on the
challenge that BASF faces today or in
product to ensure it is safe and that it is handled and
the near future?
used correctly. For each product, BASF produces a
Both currently and in the near future, BASF faces
Safety Data Sheet, which contains a wide range
external and internal chal enges that are linked
of information on the product. When shipping the
closely together. The external chal enge is that the
products, we send the Safety Data Sheets with them;
current world population of seven bil ion people
so whoever receives the product knows how to
consumes the resources of 1.5 Earths.
properly handle it. BASF works with other companies
The population is expected to grow to nine bil ion
through a chain of learning.
by 2050 and our current consumption rate wil
This helps to ensure that everyone knows how to use
not be sustainable. This external chal enge is also
our products safely.
a good opportunity for BASF. Chemistry enables
How do you ensure that people living in
sustainability; it is vital to al actions around us.
the communities where BASF's plants are
We are developing solutions through chemistry
located feel safe?
that wil al ow us to feed, house and provide smart
BASF promotes a good neighbor policy in the
transportation for the future population.
communities where we live and work. Social
The internal chal enge that we have to overcome is
responsibility is a core value in our company
that BASF needs the right people to do the proper
purpose: "We create chemistry for a sustainable
work, from the chemists in our labs to the operators
future." The company maintains a close interaction
who make our products in our manufacturing sites.
with the local communities through charitable
For example, we need people who understand
activities and by having close working relationships
crop protection and plant science so that we can
with the local leaders. BASF has programs, such as
reduce plant disease in agriculture and produce
Kids' Lab, Science Academy and the Kids X-Press
more food to feed a growing population. That is
magazine, that help encourage science education.
why we say "BASF creates chemistry for a
People are uncomfortable with things that they
sustainable future."
don't understand.