Be safe using electricity
By BASF Jr. Scientist Grace Maslanka, Wyandotte, MI
You have to be safe using science. It's real y important! When you are at home and too many things
are plugged in, and you plug in something else, you could get an electrical shock. Someone wil have
to get you unelectrical without touching you. If you are outside flying a kite, or something, and it gets
stuck on a wire outside, don't try to get it, and tel your parents.
Then if you are playing with your bal , and it goes into the factory, don't try to get it, tel your parents,
and they wil cal the electricity company. They wil get the bal for you.
Be safe using electricity and science.
Be Safe with Science
By BASF Jr. Scientist Mikayla Arminiak, Wyandotte, MI
Finger Outlet
By BASF Jr. Scientist Noah Bennett, Wyandotte, MI
Safe with Science
By BASF Jr. Scientist Jake Conz, Wyandotte, MI
Never touch electricity
with wet hands.
Great kids giving
good advice!