Let's Go Cooking
By BASF Jr. Scientist Archie Lytle, Plymouth Township, Michigan
It is important to know how to be
A big part of safe cooking is keeping the germs out.
safe in the kitchen. This means
I always wash my hands before I begin to make
knowing when to get help
anything. It's very important to wash my hands
from my mom, dad or
before and after touching raw meat, eggs or fish
my Yiayia (Greek, for
because these foods have a lot of bacteria which
could end up in my mouth. Yuck! I also kil the
Before I begin
germs on the counter when I'm done making food
cooking anything,
by using one of those disposable bleach cloths.
I get their permission When the recipe cal s for using the stove, I use a
to work in the kitchen. potholder when touching hot pans. I have four
If I use knives, the
younger brothers and sisters, so I always turn the
stove, or other kitchen
pot handles away from me so I won't knock it over
gadgets, I always get
by accident when I walk by the stove. When using
their help. Some things
the microwave, I only use safe containers. I never
may look simple to use, but I'm usual y surprised
put tin foil or anything metal, like metal plated
by how hard they actual y are to use. By having a
plates or forks in the microwave. It can cause a fire.
grown up around, I avoid surprises, stay safe,
If I'm not sure that something is safe for use in the
and have fun.
microwave, I ask first. When I'm done eating
I pay attention to what I'm wearing to be safe.
and I have left overs, I always put the food in the
My mom always tel s me not to wear anything too
refrigerator to keep it fresh. In the end, I always
big in the kitchen. Floppy sleeves could catch fire.
figure it out with the help of mom, dad or Yiayia.
Clean Spil s
By BASF Jr. Scientist Madison Mil s, Lincoln Park, MI
oritwil catchonfire.
Don'tlet hishap en.