Young Scientists in the News
Win ers of the BASF Safety We k
Children's Poster Contest show
their work il ustrating what
safety means to them at the
Sand Gnats bal game in
Savan ah, GA on June 28, 2013.
They are, from left, first
place win er Ethan Ful er
(10 years old), third place
win er Laney Marshal (6 years
old), and Second place win er
Peyton Al en (12 years old).
Children from Florence Bowser Elementary School in Suffolk, Virginia show off their
Third graders in Tipp City, Ohio learn about
paper chromatography experiments with BASF volunteers Beverly Nedab and Keleshia
the importance of safety in the lab with
Tinker. The class learned how water can affect color pigmentation.
BASF volunteer Daniel Jackson.
Sixth grade students from Limestone Middle School in Kankakee, Il inois explore chemistry with Science Teacher Jackie Christensen
and four BASF volunteers (Bil Cox, Chris Owens, Julie DiGiannantonio, and Dale Oosterhouse).