By BASF Jr. Scientist Lisa Hu, Cedar Knol s, NJ
Safety must remain the first and most important aspect of
environmental and human health.
By BASF Jr. Scientist Greg Struble, Florham Park, NJ
BASF-The Chemical Company is the prime example
of responsible care because they are not only
being responsible in looking out for others, but
they are responsible in looking towards a
sustainable future.
By BASF Jr. Scientist Delecia Utley, Durham, North Carolina.
It is said that by the year 2050, there will be 9 billion people on
Earth! That means it will take 3 planet Earths to be able to sustain
and provide for all those people. The Responsible Care Act will
help with this problem, which means a better future for me and
the generations to come.
By BASF Jr. Scientist Hira Hasan. Geismar, Louisiana
Delecia Utley Science needs safety as much as the world
needs science.
By BASF Jr. Scientist Michel e West. Geismar, Louisiana
Responsible Care is more than just a life choice,
it is the key to a sustainable life.
By BASF Jr. Scientist Michael Wang. Mountain Lakes, NJ
Responsible Care ensures a sustainable and healthy
chemical industry, and thus a sustainable and
healthy future.