Table of Contents
Open Letter from the Publisher
2 Kids' Lab: Spanish version
Safety At Home
Chemistry is Bananas!
"Safety first" is a catch
An Interview with Beate Ehle
6 Kids' Lab: French Version
phrase that is over-used these
Una entrevista a Beate Ehle
Chemistry is Bananas!
days and many of us don't pay
Une entrevue avec Beate Ehle
10 Students on Safety
much attention to it. In this
morpH's Mailbox
Estudiantes Seguros
edition of the BASF sponsored
Safety First
Ce que des étudiants nous
Kids X-Press magazine, "The
Safety in the Lab
disent sur la sécurité
Science of Safety" kids let
Fire Safety
us know just how important
Taking Safety to a
Safety at Home/
safety is and what we can all
New Level
Seguridad en casa/
do to be safe everyday.
Seguridad en Casa
Sécurité à la Maison
Sécurité à la Maison
Extra Extra!
Using essays, poetry, pictures,
LLevando la Seguridad a
Young Scientists in the News
advice and games they tell
un Nuevo Nivel/
Puzzles & More
us about safety in cooking,
Quand la sécurité monte
Submission Page
using electricity, riding the
d'un cran
& Permission Slip
bus, fire safety and more.
Kids' Lab:
Chemistry is Bananas!
Games Solutions
From Ohio to Texas to New
Jersey, Louisiana and North
Carolina, read what students
have to say about safety.
Safety matters and one of our
writers says, "science helps
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us be safe in our daily lives."
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reading like the invention
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of the modern elevator,
Vol 5 Issue 1 - September 2014
poetry about nature and an
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experiment to try.
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