The project that changed my life was cal ed Paper The clay or paper mache bones that I fashion
Cranes for Japan. It was just something I found
are in honor of the lives lost in armed conflict in
one day, not long after the tsunami in Japan,
Sudan, Somalia, Burma, and the Congo, and
when I was searching online for news, and
wil be placed in an exhibit in the Smithsonian
maybe a way to help. Never did I expect to find
Museum in June. For more information or if
something as unbelievable as this. Paper Cranes
you would like to be a part of the effort, email
for Japan was an initiative organized through
me at or check it out on
the col aboration of a series of organizations
including Students Rebuild and Do Something
It's quite simple, real y; in fact, it's one of the
(with whom I continue to work.)
easiest things in the world to do. It takes no
The goal was to fold origami paper cranes and
training, no practice, and no natural talent, yet
ship them in to Japan, where each crane would
people hesitate to do it. Al it takes is a drop of
be matched by a dol ar donated to helping
empathy to see the world change before your
tsunami victims in Japan. In the end, we were
eyes. The names we read about in textbooks
al astounded: the original goal was 100,000
may have been single people, but what they
cranes, but the organizations received 1 mil ion
were was simply a spark - the people who
cranes from over 36 countries around the world.
supported them, the people whose hearts ral ied
They were matched by $50,000 in rehabilitation
behind theirs were the fire. Be that fire.
funds, and are now placed in an art instal ation
in Sendai, Japan.
I was astounded for another reason. Together with
my friends and family, I compiled 1,300 cranes to
contribute to the effort. There was truly something
powerful about seeing them al spread out on my
living room floor, something empowering in
knowing that my efforts would help to save lives.
And I think that was my catalyst; it only grew
bigger from there.
From then on, I have searched for these
opportunities. It became my goal in life, my
driving force. This is what makes me happy, and
it has given me so much gratification in my life.
It may sound cliché, but I have truly come to
believe that they key to happiness is the happiness
of others.
My current project is cal ed One Mil ion Bones, also
a product of the organization Students Rebuild.