By AAMW Reporter Samuel Washington I I
On November 18th, 2011 schools from
their wel prepared and wel performed
around Westchester County came together presentation. Our team had come together
to see who had the best business skil s.
to say that in this new generation social
We al came in teams of students to the
media was the future of business.
Pepsi Co. to compete in the 8th annual
Through sites like Facebook, Twitter,
African American Men of Westchester
Tumblr, and Instagram, today's youth are
Business Skil s Olympics.
getting information at a fast pace on the
To see how many students fil ed the
conference room was both breathtaking
The judges picked Ossining High School
and inspiring.
as 1st place with students Veronica
My school was Woodlands High School
Galindo, Orlanys Arias, Rich Zeoli, Ryan
from Greenburgh Central 7 and included
Sweeney, Matt D'Emic, Jon Scorcia and
Janel e Berridge, Jessica Blair, Precious
Joe Direitinho, with Woodlands in 2nd.
Blake, Eugene Boakye-Firempong, Nicole
Even though we didn't come in 1st my
Brooks, Jackson Davis, Reece Wil iams,
team loved the experience.
and myself, Samuel Washington III.
We had a chance to learn key business
For the competition each school was
skil s while being in a fun environment.
given the same Harvard Business School
The competition helped us grow and
case study and had to present their
brought out the best of each teammate.
findings in front of the audience and
panel of judges. The case study asked
Awards were given at Berkeley Col ege
us about something my generation loves,
in White Plains January 17, 2012.
the Internet, but more specifical y
about the company Demand Media.
The question was: Should Demand
Media continue with its current business
model or look into social media?
When given time to discuss and come
up with the presentation each school
broke off in sections and you could just
feel the energy from the discussions.
When it was final y time to present, each
school went up one after another giving
Celebrating an award