Q: How important is having children
I want to achieve, and who did I want to be?
be part of community service, and
Then I ended up going back to col ege and
what do you think they get out of it?
reaching for the stars.
A: Being part of community service is within
Q: If you could give our readers a
yourself. Just one person can make a big change.
message what will it be?
From this, you gain richness in yourself and
I would say, be responsible to yourself,
your soul. Children learn respect by helping others. others, and to life in general. Be a good
You can't change what someone thinks, but you person, and good wil come back to you.
can change how that person treats the community. Be on time and fol ow your dream.
Q: What inspired you to serve in the
My sister and I real y enjoyed interviewing
U.S. Navy, take part in developing
Mr. Melvin M. Burruss. We learned many
housing in New York City, practice law,
things about a man we only knew for twenty
and teach business and marketing
minutes. The best part was when Mr. Burruss
management at the University of
would explain to us his life story. This
experience showed us that from the outside,
Wel , responsibility took a huge role in this,
someone can look like one thing, but once you
as wel as my wanting to do wel for myself.
get to know them, they're the whole opposite.
After I got where I needed to be, I had to give back.
He gave great advice that my sister and I can
I thought to myself, what goal/dream did
use for our future.