Our Interview With Mr. Melvin M. Burruss
By KXP-On-Cal Reporters Daijanique White and Anjenique White
My sister Daijanique and I were given the chance to interview
Mr. Melvin M. Burruss of the African American Men of Westchester (AAMW).
We learned several things about Mr. Burruss, who is a very independent person.
Lots of dedication goes into his work and his life. His opinion is that if you can
help one person, you can make our world a better place.
Q: How did you become involved
with AAMW?
A: WelI, in 1987 I met Mr. Paul Red. At
the time I felt I wanted a change and also
to make a difference in my community.
To me, networking was important, and I just
knew I had to achieve my goals. So after
speaking with Mr. Paul Red, I joined AAMW.
Q: What is your role in the AAMW
My role in AAMW is as the president (2012).
This takes a lot of responsibility, leadership,
missions to complete, and the desire to make
a huge impact on the environment.You have
to be able to serve and lift up people in this
.What does AAMW mean to
you, and how do you see AAMW
Q: What was your motivation
To me, AAMW is a group in which
towards your commitment to the
members' goals are the same. This mainly
means helping others and giving back to
I grew up with great people, where
the community. Education is key; everything
much was given and much was received.
you do in life is based upon your education.
I helped others to become stronger people.
Responsibility leads you to greater fields.
Something taught is also something given.