Table of Contents
Brotherhood Breakfast
25th Anniversary Celebration
Q&A with Samuel A. Wilkins Jr.
Our Interview With Mr. Melvin M. Burruss
Business Skil s Olympics
Tennis Program
Soccer Program
M.L.K. Youth Legacy Awards "Building Bridges"
Health Program
Voter's Education
Environmental Conference: Al About Fracking:
AAMW Members
An Interview with Heidi Gogins and Karen Moreau
Thanks To Our Sponsors
Golf Program
About African American Men of Westchester
Since our inception in 1987, the AAMW, Inc. has been committed to providing essential
information and services to address conditions that disproportionately affect our community
such as inadequate education, high crime rates, poor health, high unemployment, lack of
affordable housing, and negative stereotypes.
AAMW is committed to developing col aborative actions to strengthen the economic, cultural, and educational foundation
of our community. The reinforcement of strong family values, education and development of our youth, preserving the
richness and diversity of our cultural heritage, and community capacity building are critical to the fulfil ment of our
mission. Through the bonds of brotherhood and fel owship, the spirit of col ective work and responsibility, partnering
with organizations and individuals that share our vision, we can achieve our goals.
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