Sydney Carter and Brooke Evans interviewed Mr. Owens.
Whatisthegoalof Didyoufacegreatobstaclesinyourlife?
tonight'sprogram? Ifso,howdidyouovercomethem?
To speak out about
At times I didn't even know the problem was there.
racial discrimination
In this country, black people have frequently been
against young African
treated badly. It's just a part of our history as a
Americans, educate
people here. People are facing this al the time,
people about this topic, but aren't accepting it. My obstacle is trying to
and encourage people
get people to talk about this issue. That's why I
to do something about
go around and speak about this issue. Also, I was
it. Racial discrimination means demoting people
not focused on academics as a student. I was not
of a certain group because of their color, and
aware of this fact until about 15 or 20 years ago,
treating them unfairly. Also, I want to educate the
and I regretted it. I had to learn how to talk about
community to be aware of the impact of a systemic
what I believe in.
institutionalization, a system based on race.
This topic is so important to me because children
Yes, I have always loved sports. I think that sports
of color aren't necessarily being treated fairly in
are able to define the excel ence inside young
al the systems and aren't getting good outcomes
people. While doing sports you can show people
as a result. I want to raise awareness of this.
Howelsecanweraiseawarenessofthis your great talents and prepare yourself to be the
best that you can.
You can demonstrate what's important to you and
In my spare time, I sing in a choir, help coach my
ask teachers or other adults to work with you on
daughter's track team, read a lot of fiction books, and
social media.
help out in my church. I also work with a few private
organizations that work to improve situations for
young black men.
When there is a safety issue, or if the child is
mistreated. What safety looks like depends on
whose decision it is to take the child out of the
home. For example, if a child is being raised by
My father, mother, grandmother, my 15-year-old
only one parent, is that an issue? Or is it a reality
daughter, and people who are trying to seek justice
the child has to face?
for their children.
On behalf of Brooke, Sydney, and the Kids X-Press
magazine, we would like to thank al the people who
They can advocate for adults to make and keep
helped to make this event possible. This includes
them a priority. Kids can form into a group of
Ms. McPherson, Mr. Owens, and the many people
like-minded people. Kids can continuously and
who at ended this important lecture about the future
constantly learn.
of African Americans and other people of color.
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