Q: In reading your bio, there is
reference to your fight for quality
education for African Americans.
Can you give 1 to 2 examples on
how you are doing this?
A: The major one was bringing a group
of investors together so African Americans
could become major stakeholders in
their communities.
Q: It seems as if you keep a very
busy schedule with being the director
of the Greenburgh/Elmsford CAP
and President of the Hillside
development corporation, and being
a family man. How do you balance
all of these things?
At this time I am reducing my involvement
in the corporation and encouraging other
members to assume greater roles. Due to my
wife's il ness my major time is spent looking
after her.
Q: On a more personal note, what
is your hobby?
To be truthful I never took time out for
hobbies, but I do have a special interest
in traveling and poker.
Q: What does receiving this award
mean to you?
They have indeed succeeded in the
realization and recognition of my goals.
Q: What haven't I asked you that
you want kids to know?
There's always room at the top and with
commitment and effort they can get there.