Q&A with Samuel A. Wilkins, Jr.
By KXP-On-Cal Reporter Melissa McEvoy
On Thursday October 25th, 2012 at the Doubletree Hotel, Tarrytown,
the 22nd annual Brotherhood Breakfast took place.
The presentation of the Harold Fitzpatrick Community Leadership awards
were given to Samuel A Wilkins, Jr., President of Hillside Development
Corporation, Honorable Richard Brodsky, Former NYS Assemblyman,
and Berkeley College.
The following is an interview with Samuel A Wilkins Jr.
Q: While working in the New York
Al around, we are successful people
City and Virginia Public School
contributing to the uplifting of the
systems, what did you enjoy more:
community and I wanted to be a part of it.
being a guidance counselor and
working with the students or being
an administrator and working more
with the teachers and faculty?
A: Guidance Counselor and working
with the students.
Q: Having a degree in education and
working in the school system, what
made you want to leave the school
system and go into business?
After retirement I didn't want to sit
around in a rocking chair. I wanted to
fulfil my lifelong ambition of promoting
minority ownership.
Q: When you organized this group,
as preparation for retirement,
did you expect it to become so
successful? Why or how did it?
My ultimate goal was to make a
greater opportunity for the less fortunate
and assist individuals in their goals.