My Experience
with Golf
By AAMW Reporter Jasmine Jackson
The sport of golf is very interesting.
I usual y thought golf would be boring
but it's actual y fun. From my experience,
the good part is driving. This is when the
bal flies far in the field after you hit it.
The bad part is when the bal flies too
low or doesn't fly at al .
The white line is VERY important for
safety. When other people and adults
are driving, stay behind the line or you
wil get hurt and no one wants to get
hurt. There are also platforms. The
platforms are for you to stand on.
The golf clubs are in cylinder containers,
there are big ones and smal ones.
If it's too smal , get a bigger one. Al
you have to do is find the one that
suits your height.
So, you got your golf club, your golf
bal s, and your platform. When you're
on your platform, keep your knees lightly
bent; when holding the golf club, keep
your right hand over your left hand
(if you're a righty). If you're a lefty, just
the opposite. Keep your arms straight
and when you're ready to hit the bal ,
give it a good swing.
My experience was great because I got
to learn new things about golf. At first,
I thought golf was just a guy sport, but
anyone can play golf.
In conclusion, I'm starting to like golf and
appreciate it.